Attractive Investment Industries in Vietnam

Updated on Thursday 23rd November 2017

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Choosing a country to open a company in implies a lot of research and finding a good industry to invest in. From this point of view, foreign investors who chose to set up businesses in Vietnam have plenty of industries to select from. From agriculture which is one of the largest Vietnamese industry to the electronics sector, the country has a lot to offer to those interested in doing business here.

Our company registration consultants in Vietnam can assist foreign enterprisers in opening a company in this country.

The most prolific economic sectors in Vietnam

Vietnam is one of the largest economies in Asia and one of the reasons for its economic wellbeing is the good combination between old industries like agriculture and manufacturing and the latest ones, such as information technology and financial technology, also known as fintech. These are also some of the most attractive industries for foreign investors coming to start businesses in Vietnam.

However, there are also other industries which have developed quite a lot during the last several years and which have registered remarkable turnovers:

-          aquaculture is one of the most successful branch of the agriculture sector;
-          energy and mineral resources;
-          construction;
-          tourism;
-          services;
-          logistics.

These industries are developed in various regions in the country, however it is also useful that Vietnam has many industrial zones where these sectors thrive. Our Vietnam company formation agents can offer more information on the country’s special economic zones.

What are the most attractive investment zones in Vietnam?

As mentioned above, not only the industries mentioned above are attractive to enterprisers coming to Vietnam, but the government has also enabled various regions which benefit from investments and which are now like a magnet to entrepreneurs all over the world. Among these are:

-          the Red-River Delta which is one of the best performing regions in the country;
-          the Mekong Delta which is one of the most important agricultural areas of Vietnam;
-          the Northern Highland region which has common borders with China and thus facilitates trading relations with one of the largest economies in the world;
-          the Southern Central Coast which is the largest economic area of the country.

For assistance in registering a company in one of the zones or industries mentioned above, please contact our company formation experts in Vietnam.