Vietnam, a Top Investment Destination among APEC Countries

Updated on Wednesday 29th November 2017

Vietnam, a Top Investment Destination among APEC Countries Image
The Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) is one of the largest communities in the world and it encompasses 21 economies in the Asia-Pacific region. One of the most prolific APEC economies is Vietnam which is currently also one of the most attractive destinations in terms of investment funds. Foreign investors who want to set up businesses in this country can rely on our company formation consultants in Vietnam.

37% of APEC business leaders are confident about investing in Vietnam

This is the third consecutive year in which business executives in the APEC region believe in the development potential of the Vietnam investment funds industry. To be more specific, 37% of them are confident that over the next 12 months the Vietnam economy will thrive and thus offering good and stable investment possibilities. Compared to this year, in 2016, 28% of investors had shown the same confidence levels.

Investments in the APEC region are expected to grow by 50%, with Russia, the Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia and Vietnam attracting most of these investments, according to a recent survey.
With respect to Vietnam, companies registered here are also expected to increase their investments both in and outside the country.

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Vietnam in the APEC economy

APEC was created in 1989 and is made up of 21 countries, among which Vietnam, Australia, China, Japan and the United States are the most important economies. During this long period of time, Vietnam managed to become one of the most prolific and attractive destinations for foreign direct investments for other APEC countries, but also for other states.

In 2018, Vietnam will be a leading APEC economy and will attract the largest number of investors among the other states in the region. In order to attract a large number of investors, the authorities are currently working towards developing a digital workforce which is expected to the make the difference between Vietnam and other APEC countries.

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