Vietnam, an Attractive Destination for Foreign Domain Names

Updated on Friday 12th October 2018

Many companies have taken their operations online, as the Internet allows for faster expansion on new markets, and Vietnam is one of the countries which have permitted a higher availability of domain names in order to help companies. Moreover, Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), has even allowed foreign domain names to be registered in Vietnam and their visibility has now started to grow on the local market. If you want to set up an online company, our Vietnam company formation consultants can help you.


Vietnam companies to take advantages of the foreign domain names

Vietnam is currently one of the fastest-growing economies in Asia and this increase can be assigned to some degree to the expansion of the online market which started developing here since 2012. The same year, foreign domain names have timidly started to enter the Vietnamese market, however, the first results are only seen now.

These foreign domain names have brought a series of opportunities to Vietnam companies which can use them to enter the online market both locally and internationally. Among the domain names, local companies can use are .com, .org, .net and even .online. Together with Vietnam’s top domain name, .vn, the visibility of local companies will grow significantly in the next few years.

Our company registration agents in Vietnam can explain the requirements related to starting an online company and registering a domain name in this country.

E-commerce companies and foreign domain register to have more benefits

Among the companies to benefit the most from the new domain names are Vietnamese e-commerce companies which will be able to reach more international markets and gain more popularity when their websites have a .com domain name, for example.

Foreign domain registers will also find new possibilities on the Vietnam market, and thus expand their client database. They will also have a good cooperation with the ICANN which has come up with a plan which welcomes domain registries from other countries.

For Vietnam, access to new domain names will mean more competitivity and more companies to contribute to the economy.

If you are interested in starting an e-commerce business and need guidance, please contact our company formation advisors in Vietnam.