Holding Companies in Vietnam

Updated on Friday 03rd September 2021

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Vietnam is a very special country from a foreign investments point of view because of the distinct requirements related to opening a company here for each category of entrepreneurs: local and foreign. With respect to the latter category, Vietnam has also established the types of structures they can use if they want to establish operations in this country.

Foreign investors interested in knowing if they can set up holding companies in Vietnam should known that this type of entity is not specifically defined by any laws here, however there are no restrictions in registering them here.

Our Vietnam company registration agents can explain the laws under which holding companies can be created in this country.

Definition of the holding company in Vietnam

Foreign investors must comply with two sets of law if they want to create holding companies in Vietnam. The first one is the Enterprise Law which provides for the company registration process in Vietnam and the second one is the Investment Law which provides for the conditions under which foreigners can set up companies here.

The holding company can also be called foreign invested company and it will be subject to the same share capital requirements as any other type of foreign-controlled entity in Vietnam.

Our company formation specialists in Vietnam can explain the requirements for establishing a holding company.

We can also help you register your company's name as a trademark in Vietnam.

Registration of a holding company in Vietnam

The registration of a Vietnam holding company will imply preparing the incorporation documents, but also a feasibility study which will be submitted with the authority registering the company. With respect to this authority, it can be the Provincial People’s Committee or the Industrial and Export Processing Zones Management Authority.

Before the registration of the Vietnam holding company, the investor must obtain an investment certificate. Based on this the registration certificate of the company will be issued by one of the authorities mentioned above.

The incorporation of a holding company in Vietnam will take longer than the establishment of any other type of company.

For information on the taxation of holding companies and assistance in setting one up, please contact our Vietnam company registration consultants.