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Set Up a Financial Company in Vietnam

Vietnam is one of the most performant economies in Asia at the moment, among the reasons for such results being the financial industry which attracts a great number of local, but most of all, foreign investors. Those who want to open companies in the financial sector in Vietnam have various branches they can choose from. Below, our company formation agents in Vietnam explain the requirements for starting a financial company in this country. Types of financial companies in Vietnam There are several types of companies one can establish in the financial industry in Vietnam. Among these, the most prolific ones are: commercial and non-commercial banks; insurance and reinsurance companies; investment companies; brokerage companies; financial advisory companies; fintech companies. Fintech companies can be set up by foreign enterprisers without any minimum share capital if their main object of activity is a non-financial one. These types of companies can…
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Buy Shelf Company in Vietnam

Apart from the limited liability company, which is the most common type of company in Vietnam, there are also specific business forms specifically designed for foreign investments which benefit from certain incentives. For those seeking a faster alternative to incorporating, there is the possibility of buying a shelf or ready-made company. This is a business form “sitting on a shelf” without any previous activity. That's right. If you seek the fastest and most efficient way to start a business, then a shelf company could be your best option. You are welcome to get in touch with our company formation experts in Vietnam. They can help you buy a shelf company in Vietnam. You can also get assistance from our consultants if you want to open a branch in this country. Our company incorporation experts will guide you throughout the whole procedure…
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How to set up a company in Vietnam

Our team of consultants in company formation in Vietnam can help you in all the steps related to starting your own business here, as our specialists have an extensive experience in this field. Our company incorporation consultants can offer information on the Investment Law and the Enterprise Act, the most important laws related to starting a business here.  Private investments have transformed Vietnam into one of the most powerful economies in Southeast Asia, a factor which is decisive for foreign enterprisers looking for countries with good economic results to start a business in. Foreign investors who want to open a company in Vietnam should know that several industries are performing quite well at this moment. Here, we can mention economic sectors such as: the construction sector, the tourism industry, the manufacturing or the services sector.   Quick Facts     Types of companies Single-member limited liability company Multiple-member limited liability…
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