Set Up a Plumbing Firm in Vietnam

Updated on Saturday 21st July 2018

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Foreign entrepreneurs moving to Vietnam are allowed to start their own businesses here if they comply with the local regulations. They can set up small or larger companies, depending on their budget. One of the best examples for setting up a business in Vietnam is to start a plumbing company in the background of the developed construction industry.

Our company formation agents in Vietnam can explain the requirements for establishing a plumbing firm in this country.

Are there any special requirements for opening a plumbing business in Vietnam?

No, there are no special licenses or requirements related to setting up a plumbing in Vietnam, however, having knowledge in the construction sector represents a great advantage. Also, there are various vocational training which can be undertaken by those interesting in becoming plumbers in Vietnam.

When completing plumbing work in Vietnam, it is essential to respect the construction regulations.

Plumbing company formation options in Vietnam

Foreign enterprisers have several choices when it comes to the company registration procedure of a plumbing business in Vietnam. Among these:
  •           one can start as a sole trader if planning on setting up a small plumbing business;
  •           the limited liability company is another option for those interested in a medium-sized business;
  •           a partnership with a local is another option for those who have just entered the country;
  •           investors can choose one of the special types of entities available for foreign investors.

Our Vietnam company formation consultants can explain these options and can guide you through the incorporation procedure.

Services offered by plumbing companies in Vietnam

Among the services offered by a plumbing firm in Vietnam are:
  •           repair services for damaged, broken, clogged pipes;
  •           piping installation services;
  •           air conditioning installation or repair services;
  •           gas verification and repair services.

The services can be offered to private homeowners and to corporate clients. It is also recommended to promote the plumbing firm’s services through various traditional and online channels.

If you want to open a plumbing business in Vietnam and need assistance, do not hesitate to contact our local company registration consultants.