Types of Companies in Vietnam

Updated on Friday 06th October 2017

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Vietnam welcomes foreign investments by providing the same rights to foreign and local enterprisers interested in starting a business here. Foreign investors can choose between the types of Vietnamese companies the Commercial Code provides for and which are similar to those in Western countries.
It should be noted that the Vietnam law covers several types of companies which can be categorized as:
  •           forms of enterprises;
  •           forms of direct investments.
Our company formation specialists in Vietnam can offer more information on the types of companies available for registration in this country.

The limited liability company in Vietnam

The limited liability company is the most common structure employed by entrepreneurs opening companies in Vietnam. This business form can be:
  •           a single-member limited liability company;
  •           the multiple-member limited liability company.
The main advantage of the limited liability company is that it does not impose a minimum share capital upon incorporation.

The Vietnamese joint stock company

The joint stock company is the correspondent of the public companies in European countries, however it does not imply a minimum share capital, just like in the case of the limited liability company. The Vietnamese joint stock company must have its capital divided into shares and at least 3 shareholders.

The partnership and the private enterprise in Vietnam

These are the last two types of companies which can be established in Vietnam. While the partnership must have at least two members who will act as partners in the company, the private enterprise is similar to the sole trader in other states.
Our Vietnam company registration agents can assist investors who want to set up any of the types of structures above.

Forms of direct investments in Vietnam

The new Enterprise Law which came into effect in 2015 and it provides for the following types of structures which can be set up by foreign investors in Vietnam:
  •           the joint venture;
  •           the wholly foreign-owned enterprise;
  •           the business cooperation contract;
  •           the public-private partnership;
  •           the Build-Operate-Transfer (BOT), the Build-Transfer (BT), the Build-Transfer-Operate (BTO), the Build-Operate (BO) agreements.
Foreign companies can also create branch and representative offices in Vietnam.

Our Vietnam company formation consultants can explain all the types of companies which can be established in this country. Please feel free to contact us if you need assistance in registering a company in Vietnam.