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Updated on Saturday 04th November 2017

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Vietnam is one of the most productive economies in Southeast Asia and in the world, according to several international reports. This is strong reason for many investors to want to set up businesses here. The difficult part comes when choosing the structure to operate under. Apart from the limited liability company, which is the most common type of company in Vietnam, there are also specific business forms specifically designed for foreign investments which benefit from certain incentives.

For those seeking a faster way of doing business in Vietnam, there is the possibility of buying a shelf company. The shelf or ready-made company is a business form “sitting on a shelf” without any previous activity. Our Vietnam company formation consultants can offer more information on the shelf companies available for sale in this country.

What are the steps for buying a shelf company in Vietnam?

Before acquiring a shelf company in Vietnam, a foreign enterpriser must first conduct a thorough search in order to find the best option. The search should be based on the entrepreneur’s requirements and could depend on the age of the company, whether it has or not a VAT number and the activities the business person wants to carry out through it. Our company registration specialists in Vietnam can help investors choose the right type of shelf company based on these criteria.
Following the selection of the Vietnam ready-made company, the sale-purchase agreement must be drafted and signed. The enterpriser will then bring all the changes he or she wants to the recently purchased shelf company.

These changes can imply:

-          alteration of shareholders’ names;
-          changes in the company’s management;
-          changing the company’s business address.

One should not forget to announce these changes to the Business Register in Vietnam.

Why purchase a ready-made company in Vietnam?

Buying a ready-made company is much simpler than setting up a new business in Vietnam. Apart from this, there are other reasons why one can buy a shelf company rather than register a new one:

-          the shelf company already has a tax and VAT number;
-          the shelf company has credibility which is very important on the Vietnamese market;
-          the shelf company can be helpful to those interested in obtaining financing.

Our Vietnam company registration agents have a wide variety of shelf companies ready to be sold. You can also contact us if you are interested in opening a new company in Vietnam.